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Jury service is a citizen's civic duty, and responsibility. Being excused due to my Profession Superior Court tries civil and criminal cases, both of which require juries. The random selection process prevents you from knowing in advance what trial or even what type of trial for which you'll be selected.
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JURY DUTY. The positions of Jury Commissioners in Mercer County were abolished at the end of 2017. Under direction from the President Judge, the Office of the Court Administrator works to select jurors from the pool of potential candidates within the county via a random computer selection process. Questionnaires are reviewed, Courts are.

21 reviews of Superior Court Of Arizona "I would have to agree with the first reviewer! I haven't been summoned in 18 months and my have things changed since! Jury duty was in a different building this time around and I was impressed! The check in process was high tech. The gathering room was HUGE and clean with big screen TVs all over. It reminded me of a very clean airport.
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  • Phoenix Municipal Court 300 W. Washington St. Phoenix,Arizona United States 85003 602-262-6421 Mon-Fri 8:00am to 5:00pm Contact. Maricopa Municipal Courts Contact Information. Phone #602-262-6421. TDD/TTD number 7-1-1. Email [email ...
  • In 2019, The Superior Court of Cobb County heard 68 jury trials. Although 13,880 were summoned for jury duty and 5,930 reported for jury service, only 774 were actually chosen to sit on a jury. Those jurors chosen served an average of 3.3 days.
  • For more information, please visit Phoenix Municipal Court Jury Duty. This page was last updated on: Monday, January 14, 2019 1:07 PM. Have a question? Let's Chat. X. Contact Information. Information Center. 602-506-3204. Central
  • The Superior Court operates under a "one trial or one day" petit jury system. If a juror is selected to sit on a trial on his or her first day of service, the juror serves until the trial is completed. After the trial, the juror's service is over until summoned again, typically in about two years. If a juror is not selected for a panel or is ...
  • A person can be placed on a jury for a civil or criminal trial. On the first day of jury service, the process of selecting a jury for the designated trial will begin. Potential jurors could be...